The prodigy of Singapore Flyer can only be felt once you get to its highest point at 165 meters (541 ft) from the ground. With a bird’s view of whole of the Singapore and the borders of neighboring countries, it also offers you a sweet treat to adore Singaporean dimly lit dawn or dusk. With your eyes in the Singaporean skies and your feet in the highly technological cars of the gigantic Singapore Flyer, enjoy your ride in the world’s second tallest ferris wheel.

Singapore Flyer – Second largest ferris wheel in the world

In the early years of the new century, a brilliant mind named Patrick MacMohan from a German company first conceived the idea of the world’s tallest Flyer. In 2002, the idea was formally approved. The Melchers Project Management along with Orient & Pacific Management started paperwork with 75:25 ratio of stake ownership.

Grab Some Info on Structure, Capacity, Time and Design

The first design showed a structure of 169 meters which was very much similar to London Eye. Obviously, it must have received criticism on the basis of originality. The new design was far simpler and the size was reduced by 4 meters. The design is given by Arup and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Whole of the Flyer own a capacity to accommodate 7.3 million visitors in a year.

The cars or cabins of Singapore Flyer were designed in the form of a capsule. Therefore; they are known as Capsules. There are 28 hi-tech capsules attached to the Flyer. Each capsule is air-conditioned with a floor of 280 square feet. In 32 minutes, you can stay in the capsules and enjoy the aerial view of Singapore. Generally 28 people are accommodated in a capsule. However; these highly technological capsules facilitate 5 disabled people at a time as well.

singapore flyer

A very interesting fact about Singapore Flyer is its rotation. Firstly, it started moving in counter clockwise direction. Then Feng Shui masters visited this grand attraction of Singapore. They suggested moving it in opposite direction for sacred reasons. Since 4 August 2008, the Flyer is moving in opposite direction.

Things to do At Singapore Flyer

The Flyer is stocked with specialty outlets and many relaxing and rejuvenating places. You would find no match to the things you do at the Flyer. You must not forget to take your camera. Trust that Singapore Flyer has stunning interior with captivating lighting. The Flyer activities are divided into two levels.

The First Level

Here, you will find special activities for young kids. Children below the teenage would never forget their experiences here. Start from the Tourist and Transit Hub and take a round of Singapore’s stunning places. The boat is built on the WW2 style and offers a ride from 9 AM to 8 PM daily.

Hop on the Duck and Hippo Tours and let the kids ride the duck bus-cum-boat. Let the water splash on your face, neck and arms and adore every second of your 60 minutes ride.

Do you want to feel like an F1 driver? Then get on the Ultimate Drive and put the track on fire for 30 minutes. You will never get such a chance instead of coming to Flyer again!

Shake Entertainment is for the party lovers. Apart from providing an ideal corporate space, it also gives you unforgettable experiences of dancing, partying and playing in the town’s elite party hubs.

The Second Level

How about flying, riding and going crazy while the kids enjoy in the Level 1? Here are your options.

Become a one-day pilot on Flight Experience. Sit in the cockpit, listen to the instructions of real aeronautical expert and fly your way into Singaporean skies. Do you want to know where to land? Select any of the 24,000 airports to land which are approved by the NZ Civil Aviation Authority. Are you amazed? There is a lot more to discover!

Let the world go crazy outside and enjoy the soothing fish spa treatment and muscles relaxing treatment in the Kenko Reflexology and Fish Spa. Restore your energy flow throughout the body with extremely refreshing Kenko reflexology treatment given to the feet. The Turkish Fish spa has no match on the planet.

Do you have any plan of going to Arctic? What if Singapore becomes Arctic? The brand new attraction at Singapore Flyer is the XD Theatre. Get seated on any one of the 10 seats in the theatre and fly between the snowy mountains. Scream the world out while skiing on the snow and blow the craze in the glaciers of Arctic.

Are you here with partner? Then go to the Bayview Room and enjoy a sensual chat while looking over the Marina Bay.

If you are with kids, then go to the Bayview Room 2 and cook some delicious food for the family in the kitchen while the family overlooks the Marina waterfront.

A Trip without Shopping is Incomplete!

All the men check your wallets because there is a lot to buy from the shops of Singapore Flyer. The top most recommended items here are handbags and jewelry. You would love to shop here because all the prices are set at wholesale rate.

Singapore Flyer

Shop your favorite metal jewelry from the Tongli Jewelry at Level 1.

Do you want Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Fendi, Tod’s Dior and Luis Vuitton at 70% discounted prices? Then go to Eurolux at Level 2 and buy as many handbags as you want.

Nankai Crocodile products at Level 2 have genuine crocodile skin leather products including wallets, belts, handbags, iPhone cases and a lot of other products at reasonable rates.

How about shopping some Singapore Flyer gifts for friends and family back at home? Singapore Flyer Gifts shop has a whole range of Flyer specific gifts including the Flyer dummy, Flyer’s official mascot and a very cute Captain Flyer.

Singapore Flyer Restaurants & Food

Some mouth0watering tastes are just a few steps away from Singapore Flyer. All the cafes and restaurants promise satisfying taste but trust that the taste is much more than just satisfying.

Enjoy the amazing food in a retro 60s styled restaurant Singapore Food Trail.

If you want some light food, then you must try Ya Kun Kaya Toast which has a special Ya Kun egg and coconut jam. The restaurant offers totally fresh and organic food with no preservatives or artificial colors etc.

Seafood Paradise is really a paradise to eat seafood. Don’t forget to try the Chilli Crab. Start from any one of the 60 international wine labels.

Are you in the mood of western barbecue? Then visit O’Leary’s Sports Bar and Grill. If you want just tropical flavors then visit Juiceland. Enjoy fresh fruits and fruit juices and get refreshed for another round of the Flyer.

What if someone tells you that Taiwan is in Singapore? Well! Taiwan is not in Singapore but you can taste the original tea brought from Taiwan tea leaves and other Taiwan herbs. Ice blended smoothies and drinks are also available at Each-a-Cup. No introduction is required for Subway.

7-Eleven is a lounge styled bar. Get some instant munchies and read your paper or magazine on the sofa.

Robert’s Café or Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen has some melting and mouth watering food for break. It is often crowded because of low prices but don’t forget to check it once!

Gelatissimo has original Gelatin ice cream flavors from Europe. All natural, low in fat and no dairy ingredients make it very healthy. So, how about eating 3 cups?

Royal Palm has all western flavors and foods. It is ideal for people with families.

Go to the Level 2 and visit Bayview Tandoor. It is purely Indian and Pakistani styled restaurant with buffet food.

Flyer Lounge is at Level 3. It is operated and managed by the Flyer authorities. Specialties include a variety of award winning cocktails.

Singapore Flyer Milestones: Story in 20 Seconds

  1. 27 June 2003 – Ceremony of MOU signing was held.
  2. 13 December 2007 – The enormous spindle was installed.
  3. 9 April 2007 – The one-of-its-own-kind ladder truss rim was completed.
  4. 25 May 2007 – First sample capsule car was revealed.
  5. 9 April 2009 – First birthday was celebrated with tens of activities and free services.

Interesting Facts About Singapore Flyer

  1. Stack 31 males giraffes upon one another and you will get the height of Singapore Flyer.
  2. From the height of Singapore Flyer, you can view up to 42 km including some areas of Indonesia and Malaysia.
  3. Singapore Flyer is a technological wonder. It is the only Flyer with a ladder truss rim. Other Flyers have triangular rim.
  4. Singapore Flyer became world largest ferris wheel in March 1, 2008.
  5. The High Roller in Las Vegas, launched in March 31, 2014 is world largest ferris wheel.
  6. The difference in height between Singapore Flyer & the High Roller is only 2.6 metres (9 ft).

Some Quick Tips

  1. Don’t buy tickets online because there are no long queues (especially on the weekdays). Secondly, your money will be wasted if weather becomes bad.
  2. The evening & night are the peak time so make sure to book ticket online if you are planning to try Singapore Flyer at that time.
  3. Restaurants are regularly priced so don’t bring food with you.
  4. The movement is very slow. People prone to nausea should not worry.
  5. Singapore Flyer is also the boarding point of famous Duck & Hippo tour.

Attractions nearby Singapore Flyer

There are couple of famous tourist attractions nearby Singapore Flyer including the famous Marian Bay Sands Resort. You can also walk to the Esplanade Theatre on the Bay and take panoramic photos of the Singapore business district & Singapore famous Merlion icon. Gardens by the Bay is also not too far which is among the best tourist attraction in Singapore.

Photo Credit: William Cho