Victoria Crowned Pigeon at Royal Ramble
Victoria Crowned Pigeon – As seen in Royal Ramble exhibit in Jurong Bird Park

Royal Ramble Highlights

The royal ramble is another great exhibit in Jurong Bird Park Singapore which showcase unique and beautiful crowned pigeons. You will be mesmerized by the sight of these pigeons as they are classy, colorful and a gorgeous crown on the head looks beautiful.

Crowned Pigeon Family

The crowned pigeons family mainly represent three species known as Western Crowned Pigeon, Southern Crowned Pigeon and the Victoria Crowned Pigeon. They are mainly native of New Guinea and the surrounding islands. You can find plenty of them in the royal ramble exhibit in the Jurong Bird Park. The life span of crowned pigeons is about 20 years if they survive.

The male and female crowned pigeon looks alike but you can easily distinguish them as the male used to bow in front of the female.

The Famous Victoria Crowned Pigeon

The Victoria Crowned Pigeon is categorized as “near threatened” in the current IUCN red list category of bird species. The population size is less then 7000. You can catch plenty of them in the royal ramble exhibit of Jurong Bird Park.

Crowned Pigeons roam freely in Jurong Bird Park Singapore
Crowned Pigeons roam freely in Jurong Bird Park Singapore

Preserving the Rare Breed

Do you know that half of the breed of crowned pigeon was bred in the Jurong Bird Park? Yes, it’s true and not only breeding but the bird park is also providing them with the natural habitant to ensure their growth and safety. This is really a great effort considering the population decline of this rare specie.

Threatened Specie

The crowned pigeon’s are considered as threatened specie as their population is rapidly decreasing. They tend to draw a lot of attraction not because of their meat but colorful feather. Their preservation is quite an important if we want our future generation to see this rare specie and Jurong Bird Park had done a great job in preserving them in the Royal Ramble exhibit.

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