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Malaysia seeks to talk things over with Singapore after the Lion City made a statement to ban all foreign vehicles with existing fines or unsettled traffic tickets. This was according to Malaysia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Marzuki Yahya in his recent interview.

The Malaysian minister noted that he was fully aware that the ban will take effect on April 1 this year. He told the reporters that both parties have yet to discuss several provisions regarding this matter.

He added that Malaysia has its own protocol as to when it will discuss this issue with Singapore and that the talks will be involving the bilateral meeting with the republic at a proper venue.

Marzuki cited that his response was related to the statement of Jimmy Puah, Johor International Trade, Investment, and Utility Committee chairman, saying Malaysia can implement a similar regulation.

Earlier reports claimed Singapore officials announced that foreign vehicles with unpaid traffic fines, including parking or vehicular emissions charges will not be allowed to enter the country starting April 1.

As the authorities calculated, foreign vehicles with fines that enter Singapore have about 400,000 outstanding fines or a total value of S$32 million.

According to the Singapore Police Force and Land Transport Authority, an estimate of 60,000 foreign vehicles visit Singapore daily. The agencies’ officials clarified that most of the foreign motorists are law-abiding.

Marzuki highlighted that previous talks between Malaysia and Singapore on bilateral issues had shown positive developments, citing discussions regarding airspace and harbour limits.

Just recently, he said a meeting with the Singaporean representatives was held and discussed things at Wisma Putra. The results were very good, he noted.

He added the discussions on foreign vehicles will soon take place at a date convenient for both parties and probably the venue will be in Singapore.

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