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Over the past few years, the region has seen an explosive growth of data collection and processing thanks largely in part to the growing number of mobile users. It is expected that from the year 2016 to 2021, APAC’s mobile data traffic will grow from three million terabytes of mobile data per month to 23 million.

As a result, various opportunities have allowed entrepreneurs and startups to focus on creating new services and products geared towards data analytics. At Tech in Asia Tokyo 2018 taking place on September 20 and 21, several startups will be sharing their data-focused solutions right at the conference floors, at the Startup Factory segment.

Here are four Japanese startups, out of the many local and international ones you can expect to check out.

1) Repro

TIA Tokyo 2018 Repro
In today’s app-saturated market, retaining users is an important objective for any developer. Mobile analytics company Repro aims to solve this by providing user insights through in-depth video analysis of their app usage behavior.

The startup’s analytics tool makes use of eye-tracking technology and records in-app usage videos to discover bugs and failures that the user encounters.

Developers simply need to install the mobile analytics tool in either a live or an unreleased app to learn more about what drives revenue and gain access to valuable user data points that help breakdown the thought process behind specific user actions.

2) Z-Works

TIA Tokyo 2018 Z Works
One of the unique challenges of aging societies such as Japan is learning how to manage and enhance the quality of life of elderly caregivers. Z-Works aims to address this challenge through the provision of a non-invasive and IoT-enabled monitoring platform, “Life Engine”.

Its capabilities comprise of tracking essential health factors and activities of loved ones using a collection of cloud-connected sensors such as heart rate and motion sensors monitored within its mobile app.

With the goal of reducing the additional burden of identifying unusual elderly health status or home behavior, care professionals and families can make use of Z-Works’ collection of sensors and its app to focus on interactions with the elderly and develop proactive care strategies.

3) Asilla

TIA Tokyo 2018 Asilla
Have you ever pictured a world where cameras are capable of understanding text or instantly detecting a car’s model by capturing it on video or on an image? Enter Asilla, a Japanese company looking to bridge the gap of science fiction with reality with its AIR Platform, an A.I. powered Image Recognition API system that helps users break down real world data points and convert them into actionable and streamlined information.

The AIR Platform can be used for instant identification of the number of people and type of cars present in a covered area, digitize text data into numbers, as well as automate censorship of inappropriate content in online communities.

The company aims to provide an A.I. infused Image Recognition platform that is useful in several real-world applications, such as security identification, business-improvement initiatives, as well as online community management activities.

4) Cognitee

TIA Tokyo 2018 Cognitee
Delivering pitches and presentations have been a tried and tested communication practice by businesses for generations. Cognitee is looking to enhance this through the digitization and data-analysis of speech.

By uploading an audio recording, video, or even a text file of your sales training role plays, negotiation meetings or presentation pitches to their Upsighter platform, Cognitee breaks down your overall message into bite-sized themes, revealing areas in your speech where refinements and reductions can be made to better enhance your message’s efficacy.

Through the startup’s service, they aim to help companies develop effective messages and reduce soft skills-training costs for sales persons and associates.

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All four startups and many others will be showcasing their products to over 2,000 attendees at Tech in Asia Tokyo 2018’s Startup Factory this September 20 & 21. If you’re looking to enter the Japan market, this is the golden opportunity to get connected with the stakeholders in the tech ecosystem.

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