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The Oxley feud has forced 3 grandsons of Lee Kuan Yew to renounce politics. This means that there will not be a third generation Lee who will ascend to the highest office in the land and in the foreseeable future, after the end of Mr Lee Hsien Loong’s premiership.

Dr Lee Wei Ling and Mr Lee Hsien Yang, Mr Lee’s children, issued a public statement on 14 June saying they have “lost confidence” in their brother, PM Lee and that based on their interactions with their brother and his wife, they “harbour political ambitions for their son, Li Hongyi”.

Siblings says they have no confidence in the Prime Minister

Their public statement forced Li Hongyi to declare that he has no interest in politics.

For what it is worth, I really have no interest in politics

Posted by Hongyi Li on Thursday, 15 June 2017

After Li Hongyi’s declaration, 2 sons of Mr Lee Hsien Yang, Li Huanwu and Li Shengwu, also publicly declared their disinterest in politics and public office.

My brother, in his own words.Thankfully all of you know better than to even speculate about any interest in politics on my part.

Posted by Li Huanwu on Thursday, 15 June 2017

Twelve hours ago I gave the following statement to AFP: “Not only do I intend never to go into politics, I believe that…

Posted by Shengwu Li on Thursday, 15 June 2017

Besides stating his disinterest in public office, Li Shengwu also said that he believes that it would be “bad for Singapore if any third-generation Lee went into politics.” He added: “The country must be bigger than one family.”

Mr Lee Hsien Yang, and his wife Mrs Lee Suet Fern, have three sons: Mr Li Shengwu, Mr Li Huanwu and Mr Li Shaowu.

Dr Lee Wei Ling, Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s daughter, has no children of her own.

Their elder brother, PM Lee Hsien Loong has four: Ms Li Xiuqi, Mr Li Yipeng, Mr Li Hongyi and Mr Li Haoyi. Mr Li Hongyi is the first born of PM Lee and his wife Ms Ho Ching.

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