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When it comes to social media engagement, Instagram is a clear leader. That’s according to a new report by TrackMaven, a marketing software company.

The company’s 2017 Digital Marketing Analytics Performance Report found that the average brands in 12 out of 13 analyzed industries saw the highest engagement ratio on Instagram.

The only exception is the real estate industry, which witnessed the highest engagement ratio on LinkedIn.

Instagram Engagement Rate is the Highest in Social Media

With 96.17 average interactions per post per 1,000 followers, brands in the finance and insurance industry have the highest average engagement ratio on Instagram.

Conversely, the study found, businesses see low average engagement ratios on Twitter across the board.

Check out this chart from Track Maven that shows engagement and follower rates alongside audience sizes on all social media sites in 2016:

What This Means for Your Business

Instagram’s growing popularity as a social engagement and marketing tool means businesses must focus on it to drive results.

To build engagement on Instagram, it’s important to post regularly and maintain a consistent style. Including calls to action and using eye-catching images can also help in engaging more followers.

Instagram has also introduced some new features that can further boost your social media engagement. A strategic approach to these tools and Instagram can bring you closer to your customers.

For the 2017 Digital Marketing Analytics Performance Report, TrackMaven analyzed 12 months of digital marketing data from 701 leading businesses.

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