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Events offer so many opportunities for small businesses to connect with potential customers and promote their offerings. And that’s just one of the specialties of marketing and promotions agency Tigris Events. Read more about the company and how it differentiates itself in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Helps businesses hold marketing events.

Tigris President and CEO Serena Holmes told Small Business Trends, “Tigris is a brand experience agency specializing in personnel, promotions, marketing and events. We create, plan and staff events that build brands and businesses.”

Business Niche

Offers superior communication and professionalism.

Holmes says, “We have instilled a sense of urgency into our head office team. Client calls/emails are prioritized above all else. Even if we can’t give them what they need at that exact time, we reply to them to manage their expectations and let them know when we can get to their query. We are further known for our professionalism based on how we conduct business and the steps we follow to ensure consistently smooth executions.”

How the Business Got Started

By merging three companies into one.

Holmes explains, “We started with 3 companies – one in marketing, one in event planning and another in event staffing. Tigris took off for event staffing so as time passed, we amalgamated the 3 companies into one and changed the name to Tigris Events to be all encompassing.”

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