Photo: (l) Lee Hsien Loong FB

A photo Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong shared on his Facebook page this morning has drawn mixed reactions from netizens. The photo, taken by the PM himself, features an unassuming couple kissing in a mirror maze installation at the Light to Night Festival, that was held last month.

PM Lee wrote: “This romantic couple suddenly popped into my field of view while I was exploring the mirror maze at the Light To Night Festival last month…Some of us were lost in the maze, while others were lost in each other…Happy Valentine’s Day to all who love and are loved!”

While many netizens wished the head of government a happy Valentine’s day and praised his photography, some expressed that capturing a photo of a couple lost in a moment did not sit too well with them:

 Hopefully this couple will not blame u for invading their privacy!
BabuSingh: This sound so wrong…Taking an intimate photo of two unaware adults and commenting – “they are lost in each other” Sounds like a voyageur

Other netizens defended the PM and said that the couple are lucky to have been photographed by him. One netizen noted:

Sim Tian: Note he says they pop into his view while he was taking a photo..so he was not aware until after snapping the photo. Like that where got wrong?


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