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It has been reported that students from the National University of Singapore stripped naked in the water at Siloso Beach in Sentosa on June 4, as part of unofficial orientation activities.

While the students are adults, in the eyes of the law, public nudity is an offence.

The university told media that they were investigating the incident, where about 50 students took part in the orientation outing.

Prior to the outing, the students were told not to wear anything that would identify them as NUS students.

In one of the games that were played that day, eight groups of students competed to form the longest line using articles of clothing.
Some female students also took off their shirts and were only wearing beachwear or underwear.

According to The New Paper, a female senior from the group tossed her top and bra to the beach while shielding her chest with a hand.

A female student also said, “Initially, the girls were told they did not have to take off anything if they were not comfortable, but they felt pressured to do so after some seniors and freshmen called for more pieces of clothing in their attempts to win”.

Eventually, a facilitator stepped in, asking them to stop. A student said, “He told us to stop as some people had gone too far by stripping naked”.

It was reported that NUS was unaware of the incident as no beach activity was declared as part of the orientation camp.

A spokesperson from the university said, “The university takes a serious view of offensive and inappropriate behaviour by any of our students”.

They also added, “Based on our initial checks with the students involved, they stopped the game when some students behaved inappropriately. The university does not condone any behaviour or activity that denigrates the dignity of individuals”.

The NUS spokesperson concluded, “We are carrying out a thorough investigation into the matter and strong disciplinary action will be taken against those found responsible”.

Questionable school orientation activities seem to be becoming commonplace at institutions of higher education.

Earlier this week, a female student from Ngee Ann polytechnic was filmed giving a male student a lap dance.

Ngee Ann Poly: Students’ ‘lap dance’ at CCA camp not part of approved programme

A few netizens were against the entire incident at Siloso Beach, but most did not seem to mind.

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