A photo of Miss Universe Singapore 2017 finalists at their first public unveiling has gone viral with netizens slamming the contestants as “pathetic.”

While some commentators expressed support for the ladies participating in the competition this year, many said that they could not believe their eyes and that they’re hoping that this is just an elaborate joke.

Although the photographer, Joseph Juban, who released the photo of the finalists has since deleted the image from his Facebook and Instagram accounts, the photo is still drawing flak as it continues to circulate online.

It has been shared close to 2,500 times from just one account that re-posted the original image.

Looking at the finalist of Miss Singapore 2017 Thoughts of Real Singaporeans go ‘What theee . . .’Not enough? More pics for you here at Joseph Juban FB#MissSingapore2017 #ThoughtsofRealSingaporeans

Posted by Thoughts of Real Singaporeans on Tuesday, 11 July 2017

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