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It’s not without reason that Teamwork Projects was voted one of the best project management services around. In a sea full of solutions promising to take the pain out of multi-member collaborations, Teamwork Projects stands out, first and foremost, for its simplicity.

Especially relevant to small businesses, Teamwork Projects employs an intuitive and easy to use interface particularly suited for smaller teams.

The following tools highlight the practical power of the platform.

A Look at Teamwork Projects

Gantt Charts

At it’s core, Teamwork Projects is designed to make your project, whatever it may be, easier to manage. Whether the project is the day-to-day operations of your small business or a specific client-based job. 

Teamwork Project’s Gantt charts provide a color-coded snapshot that’s marked according to your timeline and chosen parameters.

Assigning or adding new tasks, updating progress and making changes are done with a drag and drop format.

How to Manage Your Business with Teamwork Projects

One of the many convenient shortcuts, a simple hit of the “G” on your keyboard, will pull up your chart — giving you quick access to the flow of your project.

The “Help” icon at the top of your chart provides tutorials and answers frequently asked questions — encouraging you to take advantage of Teamwork Project’s features.

Probably most helpful, every team member and collaborative partner involved has real-time access to the project, keeping everyone on the same page. The seamless connectivity means that access across all devices and every browser is not a problem.

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