By: James Aruldoss, MSc Security, Leicester/

The ST article of 18th June 2018 “Network of radiation sensors to boost nuclear safety” to install 40 sensors across our small island country to detect radioactivity levels raised both alarm and suspicion.

Firstly, whether we already have a nuclear plant/devices all along but played silent to the crowd. And the other plausible scenario that the building of safeguards and detectors in place gives good reason and robust checks to build a nuclear power plant (NPP) soon.

Over several years, 2011-2017, the Government planned to nuclearized the country for energy efficiency, to reduce energy prices and keeping abreast with technology advancement were clear intentions. However, it came under intense public disapproval especially after what had happened at the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi plant and given the devastating effects of Chernobyl.

For Singapore, with its dense population and small size, the risks will be extremely and dangerously high compared to any other countries.

The Government has to be genuine and transparent here. Have they already installed a nuclear plant/device without our knowledge and are now concerned of a possible malfunction and lack of safeguards in place risking lives? Does it mean energy prices is set to rise further albeit superficially till we’ve no choice but accept a NPP?

There must be public discourse, consultation and general consensus if we’re ever planning for a NPP.

It cannot be carried out by a “Select Committee” handpicked from the establishment but a totally independent one not consisting of field experts alone but from all walks of life, if there’s any.

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