SINGAPORE: Some residents of a 40-storey HDB block on top of Clementi Mall were left without lift service for several hours, after a leak from a burst water supply pipe put three of the block’s four lifts out of action on Wednesday (Sep 13) afternoon.

Lifts A, C and D of Block 441A Clementi Avenue 3 were affected when a water pipe connecting to the wet riser pump room burst. 

Service to lift C has been restored, but A and D remain out of action.

The Jurong-Clementi Town Council was notified of the burst water pipe at around 2pm, said Jurong GRC MP Dr Tan Wu Meng, who is also a member of the town council. 

No one was in the lifts at the time of the incident, Dr Tan told Channel NewsAsia.

A burst water supply pipe in Clementi being inspected. (Photo: Facebook/Tan Wu Meng)

He added that, within an hour, water agency PUB helped isolate the water supply. Lift contractor Fujitec was also working to restore lift service. 

Dr Tan noted that it was good that lift C was back in action. Residents had told him that they were inconvenienced by lifts C and D being out of action at the same time, as the lifts serve the same floors – levels 1 to 25, Dr Tan told Channel NewsAsia.

The other two lifts, A and B, serve levels 1, 6 to 8, and 25 to 40.

The town council is handling the repairs for the pipe, as well as the affected lifts, Dr Tan said.

Dr Tan noted that Block 441A was a relatively new block, launched around 2010.

“Investigations are ongoing into how the water supply burst occurred. They will find out what happened, and what can be done to help prevent future recurrences,” he said.

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