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SINGAPORE: Thirty-nine people were stranded for more than four hours on the Tiger Sky Tower ride at Sentosa on Saturday night (Aug 12). 

In a statement Sentosa said that operations of the Sky Tower were suspended at about 5.35pm following a mechanical fault. It added that 38 passengers and one operator were in the tower’s gondola.

“Bottles of water and food were distributed to guests, as engineers from Sky Tower worked to lower the gondola. The capsule also has a mobile toilet,” the statement said.

“Sentosa Rangers were subsequently called in to assist Sky Tower’s engineers with the manual winching to lower the gondola,” Sentosa said. “At 7.10pm, SCDF was activated for assistance and SCDF staff were in the capsule with the passengers to prepare for an evacuation. All passengers are safe in the capsule.”

Sentosa added that the cause of the fault is under investigation, and that the Tiger Sky Tower is closed until further notice.

The 38 passengers and one operator were finally able to disembark at about 9.45pm. 

Speaking to Channel NewsAsia, eyewitness Mrs Lee appeared anxious as she said her friend’s daughter – a Japanese on holiday in Singapore – was stuck on the ride “since about 5pm plus”. The 40-year-old said she wasn’t concerned at first, but got increasingly worried “as the capsule didn’t seem to move for hours”.

“But we’re fine now,” said Mrs Lee, with the Japanese girl next to her.

Rescuers at the scene. (Photo: Elizabeth Neo)

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said in a Facebook post at 8.06pm that it was “at the scene and are currently working with the operator to rescue the trapped passengers”.

In a post on Twitter, Jaylin Sam claimed to have been stuck on the ride and said it had stopped at 5.35pm. 

At 8.25pm, Jaylin Sam said they was “still stuck” on the Tiger Sky Tower. Replying to Channel NewsAsia, she added that biscuits and water had been provided to passengers and that they were safe.

Located at 41 Imbiah Road, the Tiger Sky Tower is 131m above sea level and is Singapore’s tallest observatory tower, said the Sentosa website.

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